Thursday, December 2, 2010

Days of December 2 {Revisited}

[winter produce]

This morning as I ducked my head into the market at the gate, the colors of poppy red Hawthorn's and these sun-kissed melons caught my eye. The composition of this photo looks vaguely familiar... and I have to tell you I physically restrain myself from repeating this shot almost weekly. I just love it for some reason. And the change in available produce due to the current season means that the pears and grapes sitting in abundance in August get replaced by crates of mandarin oranges and now these jewel toned Hawthorns. I just want to string them up and wrap them around a tree or something. 

Instead, today we are all home together... making homemade cinnamon ornaments and sweet rolls for a bake sale, coloring and playing indoor soccer (hmmm), trying to enjoy a rare day with all of us here while not getting in each others hair (another hmmm), taking an afternoon break to Sound of Music, and watching the sky fill with a gritty layer of pollution (final hmmm).

Surprisingly, I am in good spirits despite the hair pulling, gritty skies, and the fact that putting the holes in our ornaments cracked every. single. one. of them. I feel strangely grateful for my sweet kids in spite of all their issues (didn't someone once look at me the same way?), and the smell of cinnamon baking in the air doesn't hurt either.

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