Monday, December 13, 2010

Days of December 13 {Brrr}

{Together is Better}

The temperatures began to dive today. 

On my first of three trips to the bus stop at the top of the hill, I was feeling a tad under-dressed in long sleeves and a wool sweater-coat. By noon I was in a heavier coat, but my hands and ears were freezing. 

At three thirty, I decided to make an uncharacteristic (and final) trip to meet Skills even though he's old enough to make the short walk back with his friends by himself, because I was guessing he's not old enough to know that in this weather, hats and coats and scarves are just necessary, even if they don't look cool. I was right... he likely would have walked in the house half frozen with frostbite had I not been there to zip up everything and tie my scarf around his bare neck. Mother of The Year, here I come.

{Stories As Only They Can Tell Them}


Well, my friend Tash might sneak in and grab it from me... she actually hugged her kids on the way home instead of sticking a camera in their face. Maybe I'll have to wait until next year.

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