Friday, December 10, 2010

Days of December 10 {Ring Around}

{Ring Around}

Imagine all the glitter bottles in all the world poured out onto every piece of plastic evergreen, pine cone, or enlarged Santa face cut-out, then throw them all into a small 2x2 meter stall, and there you have the extent of what shopping for Christmas decor here in China is like. 

It is a frightful, perhaps even obscene event. At least for someone like me, who is drawn to natural textures and simple, tasteful arrangements. My sister in law offered to go buy up brown paper bags and rafia for my wrapping next year if that tells you anything.

So making our home feel and look festive brings an added challenge, which can be frustrating if I think too hard about it or pine too much for what I can't have (like a real tree, or a fresh evergreen wreath). But it can be fun and inspiring too... it makes me look for things to use that aren't being "sold" as Christmas ware. Like fruits, or bushes heavy with berries. It makes me think of things like stringing some beads I found at a local shop, or placing a clump of cinnamon sticks in a bowl. And of course, the kids can always make paper snowflakes.

It's just one more of those things about living away from what I know and love; I can miss it furiously, but at the same time be somehow decidedly okay with it. And looking at my ring of Hawthorn's around some recycled candles, I can even be almost delighted in it.

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  1. You gave me an idea. Do you think those red berries on the bushes outside would make a good garland?