Saturday, November 21, 2015

323/365 Race Day

So so proud of these boys, leaving their brave hearts all over the track as they ran hard and pushed it even harder in a fantastic finish. First and a hot-on-the-heels third.

322/365 Still My Baby



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

319/365 Tuesday Stories | Gingko Inspired

I haven't shared much from the art room this year, but today was fun. It's hard not to be inspired by our city tree, the lone color changer that spreads gold over the streets and parks for a few days before the branches grow bare too quickly. I look up at them all the time, to a backdrop of mostly gray skies. We've been doing a lot of color mixing lately, so today we focused on tint changes with blue and added a collage over top. I love anytime we can bring in natural elements to their work. It was beautiful and fun just watching them play.

Monday, November 16, 2015

318/365 Making Do in the Du

Finding a street lined with golden turning ginkos, simmering a pot with scents of the season, lifting up the people and the places that have been given as a means for thanks and for the making of a blessed life, this is how we make do today in the city we call home.

317/365 upon us | #sundaysaremyfavorite

Advent is coming and is already beckoning and I can hardly wait.

316/365 Saturday

Friday, November 13, 2015

315/365 Seven Years a Daughter

When my girl, my lone girl in a small pile of boys, was born, she came out bruised and battered and feeling heavy in my arms with over ten pounds of new, warm flesh. A daughter. We learned of it in that moment, when all along I had thought deep in my heart that for sure we would have another son. A daughter, like I am the daughter of my mother, and she the daughter of hers. And all the narratives came crashing down, surrounding me and I wondered what story would be hers, would be ours.  It's not often that I take time to sit and reflect on the life of one of my children, the gift of their beginning and the way they came to our family, mulling over the ups and down of their personhood and praying over who they are and what they are becoming. Today I held her in my mind, suspended over the years of knowing her, and the years that are to come, and gave thanks for her. To try and describe her almost feels like an injustice, because I am still mining, still watching, still learning, through muddles and trippings and sweet moments where the waters part a little and I see a part of her heart that is precious and holy, ground I am unworthy to walk on, where too often I tread heavily, stomping about with too little care. But this girl, this daughter, a gift from heaven, is no less than that-- a treasure entrusted. And today she turned seven.