Tuesday, December 1, 2015

332/365 Remember November

| Poetry is just the evidence of life. If you life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. |
~Leonard Cohen


The tangles of siblings and relationships and the trippings that are in there despite all of our hopes is not lost on me. I watch these two, who struggle often to see each other with clarity and generosity. But sometimes when it is just the pair of them, without the pull of others, they can enter a world of their own that is tender and shared and fun and imaginative. Today they both leapt up as I headed out the door to help a friend, eager to come along, grabbing books and pencils and odds and ends to play some sort of complicated scientist game i didn't quite follow. I think they may forget it someday, and I may forget it too. For today, it was a bridge.

330/365 The Day After

329/365 Gathering

328/365 He Made Me a Mom

We surprised him with a sports water bottle, a stack of new books, and the day "off" with me at the other school. He is so full of thoughts and ponderings, and is so ready to share them easily, with a curiosity and openness that almost seems to trip over itself in his eagerness. And that budding sense of humor that comes from a growing awareness of himself and the world, that is full of a twinkle in his eye and a sharp wit of his surroundings, I love that. 

327/365 fading | streets of gold

326/365 champs again

Mildew. That was the word he won on today. It was a sort of non-glorious finish when all the kids dropped like flies on a word that was foreign to them and off the official "study" list. Mostly I was just proud of both these boys and their growing work ethic and maturing attitudes regarding competition. It's all thanks to their dad, I think, who sets a pretty good tone around here about life and what is truly important.

325/365 Monday Morns

324/365 sunday