Friday, December 3, 2010

Days of December 3 {Sending}

{Sending to Anna}

I just walked to a friend's house to see her off. She is leaving for the month of December to visit family in the U.S. I left a little package with her, to carry all those hours through customs and check-ins, and hopefully send from a post office somewhere in New York, so it can hop back on a plane and finally make it's way to Portland, where my newborn little namesake now lives. 

And why not send you something as well? I am not a linky person, because I just don't browse the internet enough, nor do I know the best places to visit. My links all end up being the same sites over and over again!
But I was inspired by a few things I saw just recently, so I'll happily share them with you. 

And while we often say in this day and age "what would we do without Google?" I do sometimes wonder how it would feel to be rid of all this wonderful access of ideas. Because often, instead of inspiring  it can easily be intimidating or overwhelming, or just make you feel like you have
 a. no time, 
b. not enough money, or 
c. no creativity. 
There are probably other things it makes you feel too. 

I'm just saying, take them with a grain of salt. Or only take ten minutes and then stop looking. Or only pick one idea to try (today for me, the muffins!), or be happy for all those people with wonderful gifts and talents that they share so freely with the rest of us, but then pick up the bits you have in your house and just use them differently than you did before (for me, green leftover string around scraps of linen from an old bag). 

Without further ado, here they are:

  • Such a simple idea (how could I not love?), and cheap! It actually makes me think of gift-wrapping... since you can't get paper here and all I have is half a roll of brown postage paper.
  • Can't wait to make these (perfect for leftover feta a friend gave me and some fresh pumpkin), and these are a yummy idea for scones, but I think these would make a perfect little holiday gift (as in, someone please make them for me!)
  • This is one of the prettiest little advent calendars I've seen. Love those red numbers and sweet little packages.
  • Using her free Advent devotional with the kids this year, and personally following the daily readings found here.
  • Everything under the tree is going to made from wood (though from a local woodworker) or wool, I think. 

December Photo Project

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  1. Today someone used the link from your blog to visit the Daily Lectionary that we post on our church website. Thank you for providing the link. It's nice for us to know that a ministry we started primarily for the benefit of members of our congregation now reaches people throughout the world. It's wonderful to see the world linked together, even in small ways, through the gift of the Word.
    Peace, and a blessed Christmas.
    Jeff Weaver, Webmaster,
    Trinity Lutheran Church
    Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA