Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Days of December 7 {Cheer}

[Warm and Cheery]

I left the house this morning, the sun still rising over the water and three children bundled head to toe trailing behind me. The sky showed signs of blue, of clarity. And with it came the cold.

So we decided to scrap our plans to walk downtown for groceries, making do instead with our last bit of milk and roasting up a big batch of golden granola. 

We did brave that cold once more to meet brothers returning home from school, and to pick up our daily ration of juzi, the mandarin oranges that are oh so good and in season right now.

There wasn't much of significance to the day, but sometimes all it takes is a mug of warm tea, some almonds roasting with coconut and sunflower seeds, a couple sleeping children and piles of freshly folded sheets, and a warm inside that can brave any blast from the outside, and you may just find yourself feeling a bit of cheer.

[Bright and Cheery]

[Naughty Cheerub]

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