Thursday, September 9, 2010

[month of mornings] 21 :: walk with me...


...through morning streets, busy in a quiet sort of bustling way, and wet with two days' rain that sprinkles now and then from the shuddering leaves...

[clusters and rows]
7:55 am the fruit stands opening up, flies already buzzing and the women shuffling in with their gray heads and bent backs, and me with my little bundle of unwieldy energy, who is grabbing at the juicy grapes and blood red tomatoes, the juice dripping down her chin and onto her clean shirt. Tsk tsk the gray heads mutter while shoving more grapes into the small sticky fingers...

8:31 am

...and then back home again, where we grind deep, oily beans into fine grains and set the drip and wait for the arrival of a good friend.

*when I took this shot, I had visions of a photograph I'd seen before and loved, which was taken by a friend of mine. I know how to cite authors when you quote their words, but am not sure how to give credit to an artist when you copy their work! This is my attempt.

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  1. Credit considered given. And the bokeh on yours is way better! Thanks.