Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[month of mornings] 28 :: to market to market

7:36 am

There are a couple different fruit and vegetable markets we stop by every day. Sometimes it's one, or the other, and sometimes it's all of them depending on who has what and what time of day I remember what I need. They each have different faces, and often it feels like just when you are getting to know a new story or family, they disappear and a new one takes their place. Such is China, and the constantly changing dynamics of job availability, urban migration, and a million personal details of individual lives and struggles that I will never fully realize.

So today, as we made our way to one of our favorite stops, we found it empty and abandoned.

 On down the street we went to the front gate of our apartment complex and the eager couple who mans the small green shack there. They dote on my daughter and her endless chomping of the large, juicy pu tao, or grapes. They are the fourth set of faces I have known since the place was erected a little over a year ago.

7:55 am

[one more]

[eat grapes n' glow]
7:56 am

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