Monday, September 6, 2010

[month of mornings] 18 :: color speak

[lined up]
7:46 am

On my morning stroll home with the little Scout, who was living up to her name in full force by the way with her, "THIS way... no THIS way..." one thing seemed to just lead to another. First there was this scene... cars lined up and stretching down the road, beside lines of trees and people gathering at the bus stop and a woman in her shaded hat, pulling weeds. 

[cut off]
7:59 am

and then up the hill a little ways, in the dew kissed grass was this old soul, feeling a little forlorn and lonely, reminding me of the character in The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I was hoping no one ran off with his trunk to build themselves a boat, but here in China you never know.

8:52 am

And then we came home and rested at the kitchen table, snacking on coffee remains and ripened bananas, and I gazed at this little corner in the room, full of color and it seemed in particular today, full of the colors of the morning. There was even the little sun someone drew, to fit the theme!

It's funny how sometimes the littlest things like lines and color themes can just make you smile and enjoy the many wonders of the world, big and small.

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