Saturday, September 25, 2010

{My Neighborhood} Neighborly Knits

This theme just ran away with itself this week. I really didn't try very hard... but it seems everything I'm doing, or reading, or even looking at lately has something neighborly neighborhoodish about it. Today is Saturday so we are on to a new week and a new theme tomorrow, but for today we are stickin with the neighborhood business. 

Congratulations to Sam, who won a free copy of Velma Still Cooks In Leeway from my post a couple days ago (send me your address!). I don't know if I'm cut out for giveaways though... I was tempted to buy all six entries a book for themselves. But I think the idea is to spread the book love, and not for me to go bankrupt. So one winner it is.

On to today's business, where I bring you some neighborly knits.

The first is a hat I just finished for this man who is nice enough to live with me and do so many wonderful things for our family. He is also pretty yummy to look at (in my opinion), a bit of eye candy if you will, that I like to keep around the house. He will probably be mortified that I shared that with you. Anyway, he's been asking for a hat for awhile and I'm sure there will be more to come. This was my first "adult sized hat" and we both really loved the yarn... Kathmandu Chunky Tweed. I just feel like I hiked to Everest Base Camp or something simply by buying a yarn with this name.

Secondly, a knit not done by me, but by a neighbor who lives upstairs and does so much more than merely knit for my children. But then again, she knits for my children. That brings neighborliness to a whole new level. And to get even more ridiculous, the name of this pattern is called The Neighborly. I made one last year and it was already too small for my girl, so I had to give it away too... maybe this particular sweater is just destined to fly off your needles into someone else's hands to love.

And the last is a work still in progress, but getting very very close to the end...


  1. I love looking at your knits! Beautiful stuff. What is the green going to be? I'm working away at making sweaters for my family (4 kids and a husband) for Christmas...almost done! First time I made a man sized sweater and goodness it takes a long time!

  2. These look fabulous and I love that your "eye candy" is perfectly modeling his coffee mug even when we are looking at the back of his head. A man after our own hearts, even on Everest. : )

  3. So do tell, where do you get your yarn?