Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Trail of Half Empty Mugs

My mother wrote an email asking where I've been... on the blog at least. Grandma's need pictures and updates about life that don't always make it into the skype calls.

The last few days have been, well, scattered. I did sit down and write a few thoughts about hospitality because they were brewing on the forefront of my mind, then saved it and decided to let the thoughts brew a bit longer. These are thoughts mind you, not instructions or advice. 

I've taken a few pictures, but was uninspired by them, and so decided not to share. Blogging can do funny things to your mind sometimes; make you think you need to say something when there is nothing to say, or drum up post when you need to just be quiet. No harm done, I have to remember. It's not like this is the NY Times or anything.

Thinking about my silence and the slight decrease in inspiration lately, I started noticing what it is I have been doing. I started noticing a lot of half empty coffee cups. 

What does this mean? What does it tell you about the activities of my day that, here and there I began to notice half drunk creamy pots of caramel colored liquid, strewn about like a trail of the unfinished business I have been about? It's not that we've been overly busy, but that I feel so much coming up to prepare for, and in trying to slow down and quietly think through that, I keep leaving bits and pieces of time, and projects, and coffee strewn about the house. Because let's be honest, any quiet or sit down activity gets interrupted quite regularly when there are children about. 

So I suppose this is where I've been... soaking things in but not quite ready to spill them out. 
Thinking about coming days but still heavy with the growing, forming thoughts.
Trying to put things away, but feeling like they are forever getting tossed and turned back out.
Could that be any more vague?
I promise, or hope for, more clarity soon.

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