Thursday, November 18, 2010

If You Can't Think of What to Make for Dinner

For the last three days in a row, I've eaten this salad. Either it is that good, or I am prone to ruts, or there is nothing to eat but apples, cranberries, and lettuce in this house. I suppose it may be all of those things. I'd like to think it is simply because this little throw-together is feeling just about perfect for a fall afternoon. 

You see, even little four year old fingers couldn't keep their hands off it.

With the coming events next week, this salad is not the only food on my brain. 

I just put a down payment on what seems way too much to spend on a turkey. You see, no one eats turkeys around here except for these crazy foreigners on this one specific day. So as the laws of economics go... they are not cheap.

Then there are the school events, the bake sales, the birthday parties, the potlucks, the gatherings in my own home... all in one short week. I love food. I love the gift of it, that we can enjoy it and not just inhale it. I love that we can share it and find such pleasure in making it. I love the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it tastes. And yet, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. 

I feel that way about weekly menu plans too. Swapping menu ideas and recipes seems to be a frequent and regular conversation I am a part of. And this in an attempt to help lighten the loaded question that lurks in every home at the dawn of a new day... "what are we having for dinner?" (or is that just my home?). And in honor of that idea, I thought I would share a few meals we have had over this past week. Every family has their own particular tastes and tendencies, so I'm not promising you will want to make any of them, but maybe they will spark an idea if you're stuck (like I often am), or maybe they will make you think, wow, this girl needs my help, and then you can leave a wonderful idea for me in the comments below. One giant menu sharing extravaganza. I'll probably still poll the moms on the walk up the hill tomorrow though.

Here's to sharing what's going on in your kitchen...

Sunday: Chicken Fajitas (sides of sauteed peppers, fresh salsa, sour cream, cheese, and a black bean salad that a friend brought. YUM). This amazing birthday cake, with the raspberry substitute and vanilla frosting.
Monday: Our once weekly Chinese meal.
Tuesday: Corn Chowder, thick homemade bread slices, Autumn Blend Grilled Chicken Salad
Wednesday: Oven Baked Meatballs with barbecue glaze, baked potatoes, sauteed broccoli and carrots
Thursday: Chicken Curry, Biryani rice, more rice.
Friday: not sure yet
Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Autumn Blend Grilled Chicken Salad
-Grilled Chicken absolutely essential that it be grilled (I cheated on my grill pan for the stove).
-Fresh Apple, sliced and halved
-Almond Slices
-Dried Cranberries
-Romaine and/or green leaf lettuce
-I used a toasted sesame dressing b/c it's what I have and I love it but maybe that mixture is too weird for you... so use what you love.
{And if you're prone to ruts like me, make enough for several servings and pack in the fridge to assemble the following day, or several days}

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