Sunday, November 14, 2010

Has It Only Been Two Years?

I feel like she came out rolling just like this. At 10 lbs. 3 oz. (or about 4.7 kilos) she was already a bit of a barrel, and in the first year of her life docile was not a word often on our lips. 
I've watched her leap and jump and fast forward her way into toddler-land, and though there have been many hazards along the way, she has started to exhibit her own bit of grace.

And who wouldn't love that mixture of strength and beauty, the ability to take on her older brothers tackle for tackle, but giggle over a floor length dress and sit patiently while the curls are tucked into place. 

Two years into it, her personality is just emerging; making inroads and splashes and leaving clues of an inner person it will take a lifetime to get to know. I love it all... the obstinance (I mean, look at that glare!), the glee, the abandon, the clinging, the sense of purpose, the way she loves more than anything (and more than she used to) to cuddle safely in your lap, letting these arms that can only shape so much, hold and mold for the little time that they have.

Happy Birthday Sweet Sadie Girl.


  1. Beautiful, Christine! What a perfect celebration of Sadie. Happy Birthday!

  2. What a gorgeous little girl (and the boys too!) and what a lovely post.