Friday, November 26, 2010

Not to be Overlooked

Early morning Turkey Walk traditions.
Darkness and quiet before the day begins.
Little boys who can climb mountains.
A son who turns six and asks for a spice cake.

A mountain at the edge of a crowded, bustling city.
A city at the edge of a sparkling expanse of sea.
Coffee kept hot in a thermos.
Turkey roasting hot in an oven.

Friends near and far.
Family, so very far. 
Grace, so near.

A day of food and togetherness.
The load shared, and the absence of stress.
The comfort of the familiar even when nothing is how it used to be.

Cool websites with amazing recipes and people who are willing to make them.

Green things.
The way they make you feel nearly as fresh and happy as the way they look.

True Things.
Husbands who do dishes.
Friends who do dishes.

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