Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Thankful Tree

I am wanting very simple ways to celebrate.
Because celebration is important, but so too is the ability to actually do it, without feeling overwhelmed, or guilty, or busy, or like it's just about going through the motions.

I am thinking through ways to do this for the coming Advent Season. Mostly just weeding through all the ideas out there, to pare it down to just a few that we already do, or to change things so that they are more refined... simple, but uniquely and exquisitely special. I can hardly wait for Advent to begin.

So this too, this day to Give Thanks deserves simple but helpful preparation. I saw this tree idea somewhere... and it is just the right thing for little hands and heads that are learning what it means to think about what you are grateful for, and to live a life of thankfulness.
 "I'm thankful for ME!" was one of the first replies. Well, I am thankful for you too! But what about thinking outside yourself...?
And that is the daily battle, but one well worth fighting.

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