Friday, October 1, 2010

One For the Girls

I think I may have birthed a future Grand Theft Auto felon, or maybe just a Pyromaniac with a tendency towards Arson. In recent weeks, every time I turn around this little girl of mine is grabbing strollers and dolls straight out of other children's hands (oh, and oranges, and juice boxes, and balloons). If it's not Stroller Stealing, it's Stroller Kidnapping where she grabs the wheel and drives away with an anxious child trying to get a good look at whoever is taking them on this Joyride. Then there's been the candle blowing obsession and one semi-dangerous situation where all I saw was a flaming napkin flying through the air and a quick-as-lighting-husband running into the bathroom.

So, for weeks, yes maybe even months now I've been saying I need to get this girl some estrogen appeasing toys. She has made do for long enough with Lincoln Logs and Matchbox cars, deflated soccer balls and a marker-tattooed Woody. She clearly is craving something to mother.

So I finally hauled myself into a taxi and out to the overwhelming, jam packed market where such things can be purchased and got my girl her first doll accessory, a stroller. Then we went crazy wild and even got a new pair of shoes and had lunch out together to boot.

And in keeping with this theme of finally getting something for the Girl, I finally finished my first ever adult sized project-- a sweater for myself. 

My notes and complete thoughts on this project are over on Ravelry (if you're dying to know that stuff). In the end I was elated that it fit, since I had to play with the math a bit to make my yarn and needle size work. 

It's full of little mistakes and blunders, signs of the fact that I am still learning so much in the way of knitting and yet such an encouragement that you can still do something like make a sweater even when you're experience is lacking.

Thanks to my guest photographer, aka Husband, for taking these I'm-Dreaming-of-Becoming-an-Eddie- Bauer-Model-Shots for me. It's embarrassing, but I poured over their magazines as a dorky twelve year old when most pre-teens were shopping at the Gap. 

I'm so thankful I get to have Girl Days... but it's time to tackle some projects for the Boys now.


  1. Beautiful!
    Longing for fall from Hong Kong,

  2. Girl, that is awesome! I've been knitting for a few years an never attempted an adult sized sweater. I"ve been pretty afraid of having it not fit and sewing it together! But I"ve been thinking about it lately and you may have concinced me here, I love your pattern choice! I'm going to ravelry next to check it out :)
    Did you sew it on a sewing machine or with yarn?
    How long did it take you?
    Great job!!

  3. Thank you ladies!
    (longing for fall here in Qingdao too by the way... no colors at all and still pretty warm)

    There are so many simple but cool patterns for adult sweaters on Ravelry! You should try it Tonya! I am amazed at what you can make without needing too much know how. I have a great book that helps me with new skills like the raglan stitching. It's all just variations of a basic stitch.
    This one took about three weeks... four weeks from start to finish since I had to wait for more yarn. No sewing machine, though I would love one if I ever learn to really sew:)

  4. You are the Martha Stewart of China...miss you so much! - K