Thursday, October 14, 2010

[Hunt for a Red October] what really happened

I had lovely plans for this space today. It included some colorful photographs, some thoughts on the days here lately, and the wonderful activities I've been enjoying lately. 

Instead, the electricity went off at about 8 am. this morning, and to my dismay was not expected to come back on until around 4 pm. I had a lot of cooking and baking to do. Laundry of course. There were insurance claims to fill out and some catch up correspondence to do via the internet. 
So needless to say most of those plans were canceled.

Instead we went knitting with a neighbor.
We took a short bikeride around the hood.
We piled the dishes neatly, hoping they would get bathed in a hot bath later on.
We laid plans for cooking while some of us napped.
But then none of us napped.
So then we cooked together.
And that was fun, some of us kept trying to tell ourselves.
Then we made mulled cider and popcorn and waited for Skills to come home so we could eat it together.
One of us has this thing about "making things cozy."
We had a little party on our back patio.
Our kitchen was a mess, and only a little of the cooking was done.
Dad came home early.
The electricity came back on.
Most of us went to bed early.

So once again, here I am saying, I'll be back tomorrow with more, in color...

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