Friday, October 15, 2010

[Hunt for a Red October] colors of the season

When I set out to Hunt for a Red October, somewhere there lurked this idea of literally finding small hints of the vibrant reds and fiery oranges that autumn brings to mind. 
But instead, over the past several days, a different palette has presented itself, and instead of dreaming and sighing over the wild painted hues of pumpkins and maple trees, and backyards piled high with crunchy leaves, I've begun to accept and even delight in the natural earthy textures that are surrounding me each day.

The colors of my world during these beautiful days of autumn in China are faded fennel and upturned dirt, deep chocolate and crushed cloves, milky whites and crunchy tart Granny Smith's, simmering cinnamon and the slow death of leaves. It's not surprising that I'm suited to this array... most of the clothes I own fall somewhere between cream and dark brown, with several shades of green thrown in there. Someday I may go wild and buy a pair of red shoes or something.

I've been gathering these images for a few days, but the stuff of life has hindered me from doing very much with them. This too is part of the palette of these days, I think. Autumn is laden with so many themes and natural processes. The Gathering In and Cleaning Out, Sifting Through and Putting Away, Preparing and Sharing, Giving Thanks and Looking Back. So the hiccups and restraints of the past few days have helped to remind me of these important parts of this beautiful season as well. 

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  1. This is perfect. LOVE the shot of girlie next to the persimmons. Its the same crate I photographed, of course. I was thinking how the fall colors around here aren't that inspiring. I, too, miss the reds and yellows. But we have to find the beauty in what we have, don't we? Again, thanks so much for participating. p.s., I keep waiting for those little green pods to pop open and show their bright insides.

  2. Browns and muted greens seem as much part of fall to me as the firey reds and yellows so I love this collection of photos. Very inspiring!

  3. Ooh, I really love these photos! Especially the first one & the last four. Okay, so that's most of them.