Saturday, October 23, 2010

[Hunt for a Red October] A Hat

This hat, painted so many colors of autumn, was made for the Little Scout.
But then in the end it fit her so well, I just had to wear it (this a joke my dad will never grow tired of).

I love the colorway of this yarn. 
We took a walk late this afternoon, and the way the vines scampered up the stone walls, dotting the overgrowth with color here and there, reminded me of the way it weaves through this yarn as well. It's heavy with deep purples and rusty browns, dotted with teals and avocado greens... and every now and then a small bright burst of scarlet or brazen orange

Just the way I like to think of autumn here:
 surprising me with bursts of color when I had learned not to expect it,
or when I was thinking another year would be too long, 
with a visit from my dad. 

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  1. precious!'s an entirely different hat here in Maine right now! Bright oranges and vibrant reds!