Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Hunt for a Red October] star gazing

[star gazing]

My dad arrived today, all the way from the other side of the globe. He brought, among other things, coffee.

I'm so grateful for his arrival, for this unexpected visit that we've only been planning for a few weeks now. The kids are over the moon excited... they are sure he will want to join in and help them build a tree house outside our apartment, "because he likes to work and he likes to build stuff!" They are right about that, but I'm not sure anyone has tried to build a tree house in the neighborhood courtyard before.

Anyway, the best part is that he is here, but the second best part is that we are drinking coffee again, after a several day hiatus due to unfortunate circumstances. I did break down and buy this one cup pictured above. And then I realized that I've taken more than one or even two photos of coffee related items, so I gave them their own little home over on flickr. I'm excited to add more to the family in the future.

A few months ago I had no idea October would hold such a gift from home... Grandpa and java and new books and bows and arrows and new yarn... can't wait to wake up tomorrow to it all.

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