Thursday, October 7, 2010

[Hunt for a Red October] The Circus McGurkus

“In all the whole town, the most wonderful spot is behind Sneelock’s Store in the big vacant lot. It’s just the right spot for my wonderful plans,” Said young Morris McGurk, “…if I clean up the cans.”
“Now a fellow like me,” said young Morris McGurk,”Could get rid of this junk with a half hour’s work. I could yank up those weeds. And Chop down the dead tree.  And haul off those old cars.  There are just two or three.  And then the whole place would be ready, you see…”
“All ready to put up the tents for my circus.  I think I will call it the Circus McGurkus.”
The Circus McGurkus! The cream of the cream!
The Circus McGurkus! The Circus Supreme!
The Circus McGurkus! Colossal! Stupendous!
Astounding! Fantastic! Terrific! Tremendous!
-Dr. Suess (If I ran the Circus)


  1. The circus comes to town, and we miss it. sigh. Love the technicolor colors of these shots. Perfect for the big top.

  2. I wish I could say I had something to do with the color... but it was the worst lighting in the world in there! Dark and technicolor all on its own. I couldn't even edit these. I'm sorry you missed it too:( But you did get Yangshuo!