Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Red Number

It is drizzling outside. A cold drizzle, but with the temperatures above freezing now, it is a decided drizzle instead of snow. The days have been inching by on this Chinese New Year break. The hours follow the things that fill it and perhaps that is part of the reason. Most shops are closed, including our vegetable stand down the street, and our days have been filled with a lot of inside play, and a lot of knitting.

This "little something red" I hinted at the other day turned out to be rather too little. I squeezed it over my shoulders this morning to take a few pictures and to let you know... if you are a size XS this red number may be coming to a mailbox near you.

I've slowly been learning my way around the beginner steps of this craft, and the bit of advice learned the hard way on this project would be never to skimp on cheap yarn. If you are going to spend hours making something by hand, make sure it doesn't look or feel like something you could buy at Old Navy.

This pattern is the same I used for this sweater earlier in the year (where I learned another precious bit about using the correct cast on method... which made all the difference in the neckline this time around) from Jane Richmond.

My Little Scout was quite certain this sweater was for her, and it likely could have been with the sizing issues. But she seems to have enough hand knits for now and I am hoping to find some fun and suitable yarn ideas to make something for the men in this family (besides hats).

On a side note, I've been so thankful for some of the turns this girl has taken in recent days. She is still her wonderful, spirited self but she is also decidedly easier in some settings than she used to be. And her sweetness and hilarity are almost too much to take in at times. The expressions she makes and the things she says are enough to keep us bowled over or running to kiss those silky cheeks again... even if she fills the rest of the day with her other high maintenance behaviors.

And when she pulls on her stripes and polka dots I have to say she does a better job at dressing herself than this gnarly needled mama.

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