Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Renovations

It is almost as much fun as redecorating your home... revamping your blog.

Today I was let loose out of the house for some time as a solitary human and spent the first half of the day in Starbucks with my dear friend, Stephanie who helped me figure out html codes and the finer workings of Photoshop Elements.

 Steph is a treasure in many ways more than just her technical expertise... but today I was definitely appreciating that techy side of her brain. I envy the ability she has to so deftly use both sides of her brain though. Just recently she launched a recipe blog and has steadily been compiling a growing list of food ideas. One of our families favorites is the crispy chocolate chip pumpkin cookies., which also includes a recipe on how to make your own pumpkin butter. YUM. And just to gush for a minute more, this woman is a wonderful art teacher and is currently in grad school, so she has a blog up for that too. Check out this fun and creative, not to mention informative Chinese paper cutting she did recently for a grad project. So cool.

I was having slight flashbacks this morning to my high school days as the editor of our yearbook (read: nerd). I had so much fun during those days with the whole new world of graphic design that was opened up to me. I think the other students must have thought I was some sort of freakish nazi about our layouts... but for me it was like the ultimate creative enterprise... writing, design, and photographs, all rolled into one. So bear with me if I get a little excited about a new header on this blog!

There is only about an hour left to my "day off" so I'm off to sip some more java...


  1. Very lovely! very much YOU, i really like the tones and your header is awesome. well done design team :)

  2. It is just wonderful...the color tones are perfect! I'm always envious of people who talk computer speak...I'm clueless but I have a teen age girl I call for help :-)
    And by the way, your starfish pictures printed out beautifully. Thank you for letting us use them on Em's science project!

  3. love the new look!! wish i could've sat in on your little tutorial...i have SO much to learn when it comes to photoshop. it would be so nice to have someone close by to help me out!