Saturday, February 12, 2011

Days of Gray :: 2 {coffee dreaming}

To be with a friend,
to have coffee,
 to eat a bagel at the one place in town (country?) where this is possible...

 The first, by itself is pleasure enough.
The second, only adds to the first.
 The third, I don't put on my list of "necessities,"
 and if you put any but the first on yours...
 I guess you could put yourself squarely in the wealthy column, yes?
 but it is definitely a treat I enjoy.

Another treat for today was a new blog I found called Coffee Served Daily, which is a quest for 1000 pictures of coffee...and today and tomorrow she's featuring some of my photos! 

Also check out this creative remake of the Mona Lisa, created by using nearly 4,000 cups of coffee.
(If you have photos you want to share, check out the website for contact information.) 

Days of Gray is a good exercise for me personally, but anyone is welcome to join in.
Yesterday I enjoyed reading a few other takes on the challenge:
Her cooking was inspiring... almost feel like roasting one of those nangua myself.
Daffodils in the parking lot on a rainy day... we've all been there!
I also created a flickr pool called Days of Gray, where anyone is welcome to join and add their own photos.

There are no rules for involvement here. You can simply, on your own do whatever exercises help you look around your world and see beyond the gray (though I'd love to share in the viewing and conversation if you want to be a part of it), or link up here as often or as little as you like.

If you want to share, just leave a comment on the most recent post, and include a link to your flickr site or blog. I'd love to pop over for a visit. Also feel free to grab a button code over in the left column.


  1. Hey,
    I have just joined up over on Flickr although I am in Australia so we are coming to the end of Summer but I love the idea of of looking beyond the humdrum!
    I hope to be able to link up often.
    Looking forward to seeing many wonderful photos, our work is gorgeous.

  2. Aww, thanks for linking my post...your sunny lemons reminded me of the daffodils :-)