Friday, February 25, 2011

Days of Gray :: 15 {layers}

{salad layers}

Two posts in a row about the food I made for dinner... must mean I'm either hurting for things to photograph and talk about or I'm really enjoying my menu choices. I guess both are true. The weather has started to tease us with hints of turning and there is a scent of freshness, of change in the air. I know my eyes are ready to drink in the color that sits crouching under all that gray and cold. Maybe that is why I'm taking pictures of my cutting board, and my little girl with all her vivid clashing splashes of clothes.

{springish layers}


  1. I love the way your daughter's so happy :-)
    And your food photos are inspiring in two from scratch and taking better food portraits.

  2. I love your blog so much! I have been searching for other women living overseas & their blogs! ~ My husband and I live in South Korea ~ so as fellow foreigners in the orient, it's nice to relate and hear your journey!

    You are very inspiring & hope you and your lovely family are wonderful!!

    God Bless!!