Monday, August 2, 2010

He Comes Home to Her Hugs

She loves her Daddy, this girl does. He just returned from another long week away, the last travels of the summer behind us now. The returns are always so sweet, and particularly for this child who loves to wrestle and romp and cuddle with the best of them. As you may gather from bits and pieces I drop here, sometimes I can tire of her energetic ways but not her Daddy. He is over the moon about her, no matter how many times she sits on his head or lands an elbow in his face. It must be all those kisses and curls and the way she'll lay and snuggle with him for longer than I've seen since she was a breastfeeding newborn. 

And I have to say it does melt my heart a bit to watch them together. They're both so blessed to have each other, which makes me a blessed woman too.

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