Sunday, August 29, 2010

[month of mornings] 11 :: sweater vests are still cool

[cinnamon toast]
8:09 am

Knitting for children is so gratifying. You can finish something like a sweater in just a few days and feel so delighted at what you accomplished, and then watch them run around in it, looking all cute and stylish even if the sleeves are too long or the waist too short or the stretch a bit much. Toddler bodies are so forgiving... not so much for those of us past puberty.

These rainy days have brought on a slew of knitting and this sweet little pattern, found here, was just my style. Simple. Easy. Able to be followed by someone who still does multiplication by writing it out and counting on fingers in my head. Math is not my strong point I would say. I did have to work some serious brain power though to try and make this pattern work... it was free for a size one but I needed a 3 or 4. Plus my needles and yarn were not the recommended size. 

It seemed to me there was going to be a bit too much finagling involved in order to pull this thing off, and it did still turn out a bit small, but I am at least pleased that it looks proportionate and that my little Scout can wear it for maybe a month or so. Plus, it's not a hat, and as we all know, it was time I moved on from those for awhile (did we all know that?).

I am so in love with knitting. I want to become a knitting evangelist. Everyone should knit, including men and small children. It slows you down, makes you productive instead of consumptive, and is a way to give your love and attention to the people around you both in tangible and intangible ways. Have you converted yet?


  1. I love knitting too Christine...I like you, am only a recent convert...but I'm not as adventurous as you, I still only knit a scarf!

    I love your 'month of mornings' blogs...

    xoxo Ruthie

  2. I have been on a bender knitting dish cloths lately. All the one I knit on my previous bender, about 6 years ago, have been falling apart. So I figure that I can knit one an evening for a week and have enough dishcloths to last me the next 6 years.

    Love the vest: you have almost inspired me to knit something for Viv. Almost. I have hired my friend's ayi to finish all my unfinished knitting projects from the last 7 years, maybe after they all get done I'll consider starting something new.

    You can look at my book library if you want inspiration and patterns that do the math for you.

  3. I so love your knitting, this vest is adorable,and the model is beautiful also. Keep up the good work, Big Hi to everyone!!! Love ya, GG kENNEY.

  4. are now named the "Martha Stewart of China" you sista! The sweater vest is gorgeous!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is the most adorable. Just my style. :)