Monday, August 9, 2010

Signs of a Good Summer

Banged up knees say it. Brown tan lines that ring around the neck and start up halfway down the arm say it. Golden flecks at the tips of wheat colored hair say it. Brains empty of fun ideas but full of memories from earlier days when the inspiration beat strong, that says it. The signs of the summer are sweet and plentiful. Shoes that need repairing, an oven that has gone mostly unused, book piles growing smaller.

I am feeling grateful for a restful, albeit challenging last couple of months. There was much good and much grace, and just as many hard days that gave pause to the reality of my own mistakes. 

This week, it is back to school for husbands and kids alike, which means that even though the temperatures will rage and the humidity will swelter for another several long weeks, I am getting that that autumn itch to get back on schedule.

I've already made chore charts, started thinking about how my days will pan out minus one more child in the mornings, begun planning kid's lunch ideas (just found out they like chickpeas and seaweed strips, but not together of course), and thinking through what my goals and priorities are for the next few months. Some people just like planning and schedules. I wouldn't make a very good hippie I don't think. But I like nose rings, and dreadlocks (on other people), and Bob Marley... does that count?

{The sign of a good summer... the makings of a good pizza.}

What are the signs of your summer?


  1. Summer used to mean picking berries in the yard and making jam, canning green beans, going to the farmer's market, BBQs, lawn mowing, hiking, swimming. Now my whole family looks forward to the arrival of singing crickets.

  2. Hello there I am visiting you from Incourage.
    Being in the southern hemisphere I can't wait for summer so please send it my way when you're done? Winter just feels like it has been dragging on for ages.
    I loved looking at your pics of banged up knees, it is wonderful to capture these every day occurrences.

  3. Laughter, bathing in sunshine... relaxing in the dusk of a day well - spent... playing. All good things must come to an end, right? Sigh.....

    It's so nice to meet another sister in the Lord's blog! Love it!

    Let's connect. I found you over at in courage. Love that place.

    I'm following your blog. I blog over at Ordinary Inspirations: