Thursday, August 26, 2010

[month of mornings] 8 :: don't go away

9:16 am

Rainy day, don't go away. 
Something about today was just right, rain and all. It had whispers of autumn in it and as autumn does, it made me nostalgic and full of memories. Rainy days, when they are cool and steady with the pattering on the windows, make me slow down and do little things. Knead bread, light a candle, sit on the floor and knit a few rows with a little girl who rarely sits still, but seemed to catch the mood and lay sprawled over my legs for minutes at a time. 

The air smelled like southern Indiana in October where my family could camp every year in Brown County State Park. I could picture our campsite, the wet leaves strewn all over the forest floor, wood smoldering in the pit, the sound of drips on the canvas roof above my head where I would lay with a book or a game of Yahtzee. It was my favorite trip and one of my fondest childhood memories, the memories both hard and very, very good.

[into it]

[works in progress]
9:25 am

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  1. hmm... works in progress indeed. Aren't we all.
    Looks like some sweet girl time.

    Our heat wave has broken, as well, here in good ol' Indiana, and the chilly mornings and open windows do draw you outdoors. Because our falls on campus are so busy we took our camping trip in the smoldering heat of July, but we are enthusiastically looking forward to football; Ball State starts on Thursday and Jack's flag football starts tonight, oh yeah!

    We are all sending you fall tidings across the globe!