Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Call Me Maria

This past winter a set of Ikea curtains fell victim to a poorly placed space heater. Not everything was lost, but there was an ugly burn spot that deemed them unfit for service. Enter Maria VonTrap, aka Me. Well, not really, because I didn't actually make these bags since I don't have a sewing machine and shame! shame! I can't really sew that well. Maybe someday. But I did think of the idea! And there was this cute fabric at the tailor when I took the curtains there to be converted, so I had them make the lining with it which ended up making them reversible. How cute is that.

The color of the linen is kind of a boring white, so a little detail was begging. I've never embroidered anything before so the detailing is not so great, but it was FUN and really worked out a creative little bug in me. The kids were enraptured with the needle work, giving me lots of encouragement (even when they noticed the mistakes... "mom! from back here it looks PERFECT!") and cheering every time a new piece was done. I'm giving them all away... some stuffed with baby goods and others for grocery totes maybe? I'm starting to think maybe all my windows would look better without curtains...