Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hat Attack

There are lots of hats in the works around here. Babies comin' (not mine, but lots of friends and beautiful sisters having them soon!) and fall is around the corner, and to be completely honest, hats are just easy and fast to make for a young knitter like myself. 

There is also some exciting yarn coming over from the States, faithfully carried by some dear friends who were willing to use their precious and limited luggage space to help a sista out. It will be a huge improvement to my lackluster stash here that has been surviving on the little Chinese hole-in-the-wall yarn stores that are forever moving or closing down, playing one big and unamusing game of cat and mouse. Can't wait to dig my hands into some new projects when the new stuff arrives. Maybe a sweater will emerge... maybe a few. Who can say?

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