Monday, April 6, 2015

95/365 Unexpected Monday

The big boys are home for spring break, while the younger two and I have school all week. Daddy is away for a few days on a bike trip, which we are so thrilled for him to have the opportunity to do, seeing as how all of his travel is usually for work and not play. So the rest of us are traipsing to school together, and today, though not how I envisioned spending our vacation time together, was unexpectedly good and even enjoyable. 

I loved watching my boys care so attentively for the young children in the class I am covering for the week. I forgot what a very real help they can be. Even heading to the grocery store after school was much less of a burden, with extra hands to carry bags and help with their little brother. I love having them with me. I love their stories, their sense of humor, their extremely different personalities, and the way they pal around together. And I love that we could do this work together today, instead of feeling shipped off in all different directions... the way my Mondays usually feel. 

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  1. We're on spring break too! And as it turns out my beloved is also going to be out of town for much of it :-) We homeschooled for years and only last year did Sam join the girls at school. It was so weird to be home alone much of the day for the first time in eighteen years! I miss them and love having them all home even though the oldest has a job and it's different now. Relish your time with them this week!