Monday, April 13, 2015

102/365 For All Your Toil

| Hello Monday |
to market to market

| Sending Off |
moments with my girl before she heads to school

 | Home Work |
everyone is doing it...

| Street Work |

| My Work |
Much of it is not pretty, but when it is, I celebrate it

| Needs Work |

 Last week was a bit of a wringer for me. Thoughts of it still linger like little circles of smoke about my head. I keep thinking about the menial tasks, the days that you live out duties that feel small and unnoticed, or just plain unimportant even if everyone sees them. Often I'm thinking about others who I know are in situations much harder than mine, who must battle these tensions every day. What keeps you going? What makes you fight through? What keeps your head above the water of listlessness or even despair? What makes it worth all that it feels you are sacrificing just to be doing this work that seems to have so little value?

I keep coming back to the Audience. To the Grip that hold you and that you must cling to for dear life when your days feel very small. The world wants great works and when we have been given a mighty task, that is just what it is, given. But are not all given grand labors. Last night we watched a film about the famed Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. What a man of the hour. Yet even he championed the thousands of men who gave their lives on gritty, lonely fields in the middle of nowhere, their part in the battle and eventual victory lying in obscurity for all earthly time. Most of us are lonely soldiers, doing our part and getting no glory, perhaps not even seeing the overall battle plan or ever realizing the victory march. Like the hall of famers in Hebrews, most of us are called to live a life believing the Promises, without ever seeing the Promised Land.

So we hold on to hope and the belief in transformation. That any offered up life is a transformed life. That when we follow the Man, we follow in the way of resurrection, where even dead things walk.

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  1. Rob's sermon yesterday touched on this. John 20:21, "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you."
    We do follow the Man who came to bring light in the darkness, to offer forgiveness, to bring healing to the broken and sick, to die so that restoration may be given.
    Praying that His peace is with you as you follow the way of resurrection.