Wednesday, April 1, 2015

90/365 The End of March, the Beginning of Hope

| March in review |

"The dark
Again has prayed the light to come
Down into it, to animate
And move it in its heaviness.

So what was still and dark wakes up...
We all are praising, praying to
The light we are, but cannot know"

~Wendell Berry

Today marks the beginning of a new month, and the nearing celebration of light coming to animate our darkness, to move us in our deadweight heaviness. Today is Wednesday and tomorrow the memory of the Garden draws near and the prayer that dripped blood. The next few days are dark indeed but the weightiest kind of darkness that only gives immeasurable worth to the lightness of Sunday. He is coming. His victory is coming.

Today we work and strive, break bread and fill our mouths because we are walking through the remembrance of these events with joyful strides, with somber thoughts of the kind that make you want to peel away in laughter, the kind of sober memory that gives you nothing but the sheer blinding bliss of hope. It was not for nothing, you say to yourself. It was for everything. And the whole world is changed in our eyes.

the morning in trio

| sell |

| go |

| fix |


dinner in trio 

| break |

 | behold |

| be filled |

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