Sunday, April 26, 2015

115/365 #sundaysaremyfavorite

I spend a lot of time on my bed on Sundays. It's my quiet, restful spot and one of my favorite things is, aside from when it's whiny or they make me spill my coffee, they come in by ones or two or sometimes all at once and just talk. It can be about silly things like the comic they are writing or the gestation period of a hamster. But this is where the meaningful stuff comes out too... the book they are reading and the questions it's raising in their mind, the friend who was a disappointment, the worry that's been plaguing them, the never dying concern about what's for a snack. They relax here, and their humor comes out and we giggle at each other or fine tune our sarcasm or just laugh at the nonsense coming out of the three year olds mouth.

*Also, my girl took her first knitting lesson like a champ today and was churning out rows that were far prettier than any of my first attempts. 


  1. Our children, from nineteen down to right, still come hang out in our room in much the same way. I love it but it's a good thing I am already on the bed because the five of them can be exhausting :-)