Wednesday, April 15, 2015

104/365 Golden

It was our last evening home with daddy away and the sky was blue and the sun setting in golden glory so we ran out the door with a soccer ball to play in the light, and then go for a cheap Jiaozi dinner. 

I was remembering that first year I really started learning photography and falling in love with light in a whole new way. We lived in a different city then, where the skies were often clear and my favorite time of day was that evening golden hour. I sort of lived my life for sunflare. Then we moved and while I think I have started to learn to embrace my circumstances and the flat, grey, shadowed world we often live in, every once in awhile when the sun does shine, I get that giddy feeling again.

After another two long years away, we are going home for the summer and while family and nature top my list of things to bask in, I think photos in goldenlight might be right up there.

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