Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forts and Thrifting Make Me Happy

It probably goes without saying that where we live, this kind of thing doesn't happen too often, if ever.

I was actually impressed that they hit the nail on the head, repeatedly.

Grampa has rules like, if you want to play in it you have to help build it. On trip 155 of carting wood scraps for the roof out to the site, some kids had a harder time with that rule than others. But this is where the Miller Work Ethic comes from and maybe a crack at it once every two years will be enough to instill some sense of it in these, my city-dwelling children. One can hope.

And what was I doing while all this hard work was going on? Well, taking pictures. And then later...

I have to tell you that one of the things I miss most (I know that is strong language) while living in China is the thrift store shopping. I have furnished three homes in the past with thrift stores and today could have nearly furnished a fourth... but that home is somewhere on the other side of the world and I'm sure it would make little sense for me to pay hundreds of dollars in baggage fees to ship items I bought for 25 cents.

Anyway, I still have a couple projects to shop for and today I was pretty ecstatic to find just what I was looking for. Excuse my extreme dorkiness... yes, I did sit these guys down for a photograph.

Exhibit A: cute gingham dress for Scout, cherry bathing suit (going to return the one I bought at Target today), miniature "vegetable shopping" bag. (also, the moss green suitcase above is soulemama style... for dress up clothes or storing scrap material in)

Exhibit B: Vintage purse for me (since I've disliked all the ones in the stores and my coffee stained cloth shoulder bag is almost embarrassing), vintage dishtowels that were EXACTLY what I was envisioning when I set out on this quest to find them. Yay.

Exhibit C: Miniature Kitchen Set. Remember this link I posted a few weeks ago? I've long been dreaming of creating some sort of kitchen play area for my daughter/kids. I know it's probably something that I'll have more fun with than they will, and that's okay. My idea is to make a simple play set out of old furniture or something to that effect, once we get back. But I'd like to find little vintage (and cheap!) items here in the thrift stores to stock it. Today was a good start.

I tell you, a lot of fun can be had with a hammer and few quarters in your pocket.

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