Monday, June 27, 2011

Among the Fields of Corn

We drove down to the middle of Indiana yesterday. A friend from China was getting married.

We left with plenty of time, packed a picnic lunch, and found a nice little road off the main highway next to some cornfields (There is actually nothing but cornfields. Still, we were happy to have them). We were all dressed pretty nice, at least far nicer than we normally are. We were going to see friends we haven't seen in weeks, since being back in the Sates. It should have been grand. But we got lost on those very same nice little roads off the main highway, next to and surrounded by all those lovely cornfields.

We missed the ceremony.

And the Scout was a bit of a stinker (really, much worse than that), which was less than glamorous and wonderful, but still it was a nice pretty drive through the heartland of America and we got to see our friends and the beautiful, stunning bride at the reception and have cake and a secret family recipe punch that was pretty exciting for everyone under six (and me too to be honest).

And then there was this moment, which hoepfully isn't offensive because in my book, it was pretty priceless.

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  1. Gotta water those corn fields. He's just helpin' em out. It was lovely to see you yesterday.

    I'm going to be coveting your hair for awhile. Just wanted to let you know.