Friday, June 17, 2011

In the Evening

This yard is so beautiful in the evening. The white tufts being shed from the tall cottonwoods float lazily in the shafts of setting sunlight (we sneeze and rub our itchy, watering eyes),  and the whole place seems to take on a magical glow. The kids can't help but be drawn to the trampoline for one last round before baths and books, even though they've spent half the day there already.

I told him to give me a smile for his newly shorn head. It was starting to look like a giant ball of ratted curls... his nearly four year old cousin even said he looked rather furry. Something had to be done. I think he must feel about ten pounds lighter.

They've all been doing rather well together, even taking care of one another's cuts and bruises. That is, when they're not having a round of "he pushed me!" and other meaningful, conclusive debates.

Tomorrow we are heading out to meet some dear friends and their kids for a short camping trip a few hours away. It's an old favorite haunt of mine from growing up and I can't wait to share it with my boys, though we're a little sad Daddy can't join us. Soon enough (but not really). We miss you honey!!

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