Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goodbye Snapshots

some of my ladies

The last couple weeks feel in some ways like one big, long photo shoot. Taking photos of different groups of friends, of people who are dear to me, of their children, of my kids and their friends, of places we love here, of cherries. I feel so grateful though, for all that we have had here in this place and with these people. And our goodbyes have been very sweet and purposeful and make me feel like we are leaving with full hearts, with much to be thankful for.

kindergarten graduation (still don't get it- but it's cute)

heading off to the clubhouse

clubhouse gang... most of them (our friend who passed away in March is featured in the photo held on the left)


  1. The tribute to your friend brought tears to my thoughtful. I love what that first picture depicts so well. A group of women of various ages and life seasons and different nationalities...the Church is an amazing place.

    Love the new look here, too :-)

  2. Love these photos, these faces, these words. Thinking of you as you say good-byes, travel, and start anew soon too!