Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making and Packing

The boxes are starting to form small little islands around our house. It's proof that I have indeed started packing. But a friend had a baby, and don't you know that means something knit is in order. Then too, I have this little project me and my Art Director (as I like to call her) have been working on and that I'd really like to see completed before we leave.

And then my friend just gave me the most beautiful mug in the world. Really. In the world. It was hand crafted by her very own fingers and it is so perfect... perfect size for my morning cup of joe, perfect handle that sits comfortably- not too small, perfect rim that doesn't allow rim-drippage (a pet peeve). I'm so thrilled with it, I made it sit for portraits.

She has this really interesting and I think fantastic idea to use these pottery pieces to draw attention to social justice issues in the world, specifically with children. So this one is named "The Abbie Mug" and is the first in a series.

But the making doesn't stop there. Today, Rae launched her first novel, The Eve Tree and I ordered my very own copy which I can't wait to read and review here- maybe even give one away.

And my sister-in-law sent me a link to this: the cutest thing ever. I've been dreaming of some way to make one of these for my daughter here in China, but this is over the top cute. I want MY kitchen to look like that.

I also made lemon-cranberry scones today. The whole baking/cooking thing has been in kind of a lull because of other pursuits, but I'm excited about getting to play around in my dad's garden in a few weeks and shop farmer's markets, and cook with all kind of exotic ingredients like... raspberries. Anyway, today I did make an attempt and whipped up the scones, and last night we had tortilla soup which I love. Love, like I loved a pencil in first grade and the boy next to me said "do you wanna marry it??" Yes, I want to marry tortilla soup, especially with crunchy homemade tortilla strips and sour cream and avocado.

A house filling with boxes and making stuff doesn't seem to really go together in my mind but so far it is working out. I think it just keeps me from blubbering like a baby all day long about moving. Next week may be a different story.

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  1. Such a happy sounding day! The cup is perfect...and I'm pretty impressed with the knitting skills :-)