Monday, May 2, 2011

Lego Church

My son built a Lego Church today. The particulars of it are still cracking me up.

First of all, only three people attended Lego Church, but they were eager beavers or feeling bad about the low numbers and they all sat in the front row.  All the congregants also strangely resembled one another and the speaker (Matt Welsh- care to say a word about that?). The seating was backless, grey benches-- ouch. That wouldn't fly for most church-shoppers goers these days. It was also decidedly trendy, though not well attended; the speaker was wearing sporty, red-tinted glasses. It reminded me of Bono. Bono spoke in my son's Lego Church today.

We don't have many Legos. We need replenishing, especially since I say at least five times a day, "why don't you go play legos???" when they ask what else they can do. Maybe this is how the cathedrals of old were built too... maybe some sweet little boy somewhere was tired of playing with the same old bricks out back day after day and decided to build a Brick Church-- which one day became an architectural masterpiece.

We are also out of deoderant. This is a sign that we are nearing the end of a two year term away from the States. Usually when we reach into our bathroom cabinet, the last thing we fear is running out of deoderant. They spill out of every corner and crevice, and basket that could hold them. But suddenly, we are out. And this means, we must Return.

For Legos, and deoderant.


  1. I don't know. I think you might find the Lego cheaper in China.

  2. Found you through Sara Janssens blog. Looking forward to reading here!

    You mentioned in the comments something you read about Anne Lamott and growing up without tv. Would you mind sharing the link with me? I LOVE her and would love to hear her take on this.

    Lisa :)

  3. Welcome Lisa! What I read was actually from Anne's book, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions On Writing and Life. It's the opening lines from the Intro- so not hard to find if you go looking! I love her too:)