Friday, April 15, 2011

The Perfect Plan

Does anyone really have it?

They say you should have five year plans, and ten year plans, and twenty year plans
and that you should have daily plans
and weekly plans
and an eighteen month plan just to be safe.
But even then, the timing of events so often lays outside the realm of your control
And most of the time you spend fretting, or working, or wondering if things will pan out
just like you planned.

Is it silly then to be trusting?

They say that it is all in His hands
and that all things work together for good for those that love Him
and that we need not worry because He knows about it all
and that He is in control.
But then, why bother to make plans at all?
And so what if He's in control,
if He's just making a big mess of it all.

Except that I think of how my kids hold my hand
when we're going someplace they've never been.
And how trusting they are,
except when they're not.
They ask questions and wonder how long,
and why we're going, and if it will be fun,
and why we're not doing things a different way.
But they just don't know enough.
So they have to hold my hand.

I have to hold a Hand too.
Because I don't have good timing.
And I can plan all I want, but I can't make plans happen.
The plans I make,
they fail and get twisted or poofed into nothingness
or stretched past the limits I set for them
and set on the wind like a kite ripping towards the heavens.

And I hold the Hand because I know that even when it looks to be a mess
He said He is not messy.
This is just me saying I'll walk through whatever you want,
Go wherever you go,
through tears and joy
I'll trust in You.

Loving that song today "With All I Am", imagining myself running along beside my Daddy, holding onto his hand for dear life.

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