Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coming Out of the Cold

It is beginning, the faithful March of warmer weather and new life that comes every year. It comes every year! With all the things we can't know for sure, how can this simple act of creation not be some measure of comfort, beyond the simple (and important) enjoyment of the aesthetics?

It's like someone you love telling you they will come visit you the same day, every year, no matter how far away you go, no matter what your relationship is like or what is going on in their life (or yours). They will be there. Who can keep that kind of promise? I know of only one who has the power to be a one hundred percent Promise-Keeper.

Outside of being so thankful for the return of Spring, I am determined to capture more of this city before we leave it. Bear with me while I run around like a madwoman, finding minutes here and there to grab images that are important to me and to this place. The two below are from the famous May 4th Square in Qingdao, which is a memorial to the student led May Fourth Movement that began in Beijing in 1919.

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