Monday, April 18, 2011

City Walks:: Part Three {Zhongshan Park}

I had slightly higher hopes for photographing this absolutely beautiful park in the heart of our city. It is not a place we drive out to often, but this time of year it is just bursting with blossoms everywhere, especially the cherry trees, and they flutter about in the sunlight or just hover over you in an endless pale pink canopy, as if you were lost in the folds of nature's wedding gown

But surprise, I wasn't alone with my brilliant idea, and so there happened to be a million other drooling souls thronging to see the pretty trees, which made lovely silhouettes and landscape shots pretty challenging. Then there was the fact that we (well, I- but Scout did so figuratively) stood head and shoulders above all the other nice little Chinese grandmothers and grandfathers and young, happy couples, so they drooled over us (well, her) too and that meant I spent quite a bit of time saying, "I'm sorry, she's embarrassed... no picture please... hello, hello, no thank you... please don't try to pick her up... I'm sorry, she's just embarrassed."

We've been quite fortunate actually while living here, with no major traumatizing incidents to report and I also find the interest in and love for children quite endearing. But it can be overwhelming and also tricky not to be downright rude when the boundaries get pushed and the kids are uncomfortable. So anyway, I ended up spending a lot of time dealing with that issue, which I had not anticipated since in the area we live, it is not usually that extreme.

And then, we had bubbles. Which meant we had sticky fingers, and soapy water often spilling and being dropped, which meant we had dirty soapy water or pine needle soapy water. And then we had bathroom issues. Which meant I turned around and there was my dear, China-happy daughter with her pants around her ankles in the middle of the lane, squatting and grunting like it was anybody's business, which apparently it was. My son asked if I got a picture of that. No, I did not.

But regardless it was still such a lovely morning and we both had a wonderful time drinking in all the spring beauty. And maybe I will go back for more without my sidekick someday.


  1. Oh, this was so fun to read!! And my goodness that bubble picture is just totally gorgeous!!

  2. oh wow i love this photo! super cute and i love the processing =) i pray that you will have more beautiful mornings and days =)