Saturday, January 29, 2011

Knitting: Waffles and Babies

I continue to crank out hats. Credit it to cold weather, an abundance of one or two skeins of a single color, and maybe the satisfaction of a quick project. I like this waffle knit pattern for a little variety. It does not have a brim, though it looks like it in the picture because the model went from a folded edge to a pulled-down-ove- the-ears look mid walk to the bus.

And my new favorite gift for all these friend's who are cranking out babies like I'm cranking out hats, is... a hat. This was my first attempt at a crochet edge for interest, as well as a pom-pom (which, had I known how easy it was I would have done long before!)

This design is very simple and is worked from the earflaps up, a mixture of the Thorpe and Baby Earflap Hat patterns. I followed the order of the Baby Earflap pattern, but used the crochet trim idea as well as the garter stitch for the brim portion idea from the Thorpe pattern. This is the same mix I used for the boy's hats earlier this year.

On the needles... still working on something red (which feels very appropriate during this Chinese New Year holiday), and possibly another tweedy project and trying to think of a way to use up all these extra bits of leftover skeins sitting around. And dreaming about all the yarn shopping I'll be doing in a few months when we head back to the States this summer.

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