Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Work

TodayI took a little time to do some blog renovations, or additions. You can find them under the header above.

-I also dyed my hair... just a bit redder than normal.
-And let the kids ravage our house with legos and forts and pools of pillows on the living room floor (it's Saturday).
-I went for a morning run and it was cold, and my legs were sore, but it hurt so good.
-Nearly finished a hat while they hauled out the Lincoln Logs, and I hauled their sister out of their way... multiple times.
-Watched someone read Dietrich Bonhoeffer's epic biography that just came out recently. He's obsessed... but I'm okay- Dietrich is a good guy to be obsessed with.
-Enjoyed curried stir fry rice for lunch, which he made, and was way better than my "night off" dinner of sloppy joes and diced apples.
-Watched the Cosby Show... a gift from a friend who knows us so well, and it was great.
-And now off to bed to enjoy a little War and Peace (which is getting better) before I fall asleep.

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