Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moments {What Afternoons Are For}

In my humble opinion, afternoons are for:
or coffee
books, read in a lulling voice
eyelashes on cheeks
sunlight through windows, 
but indirectly, not full and happy like the morning
little playthings
the kind you can whisper too, or make whoosh
but not bounce or crash or roar at.

They are made for
little boys who can get lost in them
little girls who can sleep them away
and mama's who need them.

This post is also a part of The View From Here's photo challenge. The theme this week is {small things}.


  1. ok, so i don't care what the cost is...i am coming to your house for the afteroon. that does not occur here. spiderman just went flying through the air missing me and jakes head by nearly centimeters for the 10th time, markers are everywhere, there is a girl 'ice skating,' on my kitchen floor presently to a disney princess soundtrack and a baby screaming at me for more of my banana, i can't even have a banana for myself.

    save me a fortune cookie and some coffee, i am on my way.

  2. I really like these pictures. They have a very peaceful and quiet feeling!