Sunday, January 4, 2015

4/365 #sundaysaremyfavorite

I need Sunday like it's my job. I need a soul dunking. I need a spirit cleanse. I need a day at the spa of I-Will-Make-All-Things-New. I need reminding, refreshing, rebuilding, restoring. 

On Sunday, the world does not stop and my house certainly does not become a haven of peace. We still battle the dishes, each other, our attitudes, messy rooms, disagreements, and rarely do we walk away unscathed by another day. But I still set apart this day, Sunday, as a day to begin again. To put myself and my family in the Way and ask for a blessing upon us as we walk in it. I still see it as a moment where we step out of the grind and into a few moments of quiet. When we, in our waywardness, ask for the Word and believe it will be given. 

And in that expectation, it comes. The soul dunking, the strength to begin again. It is why, in the flow of a string of days, each with it's rhythm of life and work, Sundays are so often my favorite.*

*taken from an Instagram hashtag I often use on Sundays with a photo from that day.

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